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The Women in Research Leadership Programme

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Launching a new Women in Research Leadership Programme.

The Africa Research Excellence Fund, AREF, is delighted to announce the continuing partnership with Consolidated Contractors Company, CCC, and the launch of a new leadership development initiative for women researchers from across Africa.

This new programme will develop the leadership skills of 20 early career health researchers from 10 Sub-Saharan African countries, who have already participated in an AREF programme, to help them on their journey towards research leadership.

Women researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa face particular issues. Gender inequality, bias and stereotypes can create challenging work environments; and a lack of career development opportunities can prevent them from achieving their potential.

This new 3-month leadership development programme will build skills to help women researchers on their journey towards research leadership. Participants will create their specific professional development objectives and will be supported through expert guidance, skills development workshops, mentorship and peer support.

At the end of the programme, participants will have developed their understanding of research leadership and themselves as research leaders; learnt how to critically evaluate their development needs; and started to take action towards their research independence – including developing their research applications, sourcing potential funding, and having skills and strategies to build their international research profiles.

“I am fully committed and intend to participate in the ongoing process where African scientists are resolving African issues and global community problems. I’m putting all my efforts into establishing myself as an independent African woman researcher. This AREF Women in Leadership Programme is definitely the way forward to boost my career. It comes at a turning point for me. I have just joined a new team where I have to manage my own research projects and teams for my research to really have impact.” – Dr Delia Doreen DJuicy, programme participant

“AREF is very thankful for the continued support of CCC. This leadership initiative will help to develop the confidence and skills that women researchers need to develop as research leaders in their institutions and their networks – where they can influence research priorities and deliver quality research that impacts healthcare policy and practice, ultimately, leading to more lives being saved.” – Dr Dawn Duke, AREF’s Head of Researcher Development

“I am very pleased with our continued collaboration with AREF. I hope that our support will make a difference and help women researchers first, in having equal career development opportunities and second, in reaching their potential.” – Rosie Nasser, CCC’s Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant

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Published: 18 August 2022