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AREF Christmas Appeal 2023

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Africa’s Researchers per Population Ratio is the lowest in the world, for example, Africa has only 20 Health Researchers per 1 Million Population, compared to other WHO countries, e.g., Europe has 246 Researchers per 1 Million Population. This is because although there has been improved investment in PhD training in some parts of Africa, this boosted investment has not been matched by opportunities that follow PhD completion. 

Indeed, many early-career post-doctoral African researchers cannot access training for essential technical and transferrable skills that will empower them to develop their own ideas that are enriched by indigenous knowledge and prevailing local health needs, into compelling fundable research proposals. They also lack access to experienced mentors, Research Centre’s of Excellence, research networks, and international collaborative research programmes. As a result, these career barriers encourage many emerging African health researchers to abandon research altogether.

However, there is hope, the Africa Research Excellence Fund (AREF) – an African based, Africa led organisation for African scientists has been providing locally led capacity training, that supports early career post-doctoral health researcher’s funding, such as research leadership, grant writing skills workshops, mentoring and fellowships.

AREF also have been partnering with academic and research institutions throughout the continent, to improve their research ecosystems for sound, inclusive and equitable research cultures; whilst at the same time building a strong and sustainable African researcher community, where researchers are growing their networks and improving research practice, collaboration, and output.

Your gift to our Christmas Appeal today will support promising emerging African health researchers, who are the future innovators and leaders who will transform and solve African and global health concerns. So please, give a gift today via the below link:

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Your donation will be used where and when it is needed most, allowing us to deliver a comprehensive and holistic approach to our post-doctoral programmes. Thank you.

Published: 14 December 2023