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Dr Haikael David Martin (2023)

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Picture of Dr Haikael David Martin

Employing institution: Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, Tanzania 

Host institution: Centre of Excellence for Nutrition-North West University (CEN-NWU), South Africa

Project title: Strengthening Therapeutic Nutrition Research and Practice in Tanzania 

Dr Haikael David Martin is a human nutritionist with experience working in nutrition and health. Her research work links nutrition and societal issues like agriculture, food, health and social values. Knowing that nutrition is a multisectoral issue, Dr Martin strives to implement nutrition and nutritional-related programs and interventions that are participatory and responsive to community concerns including the current burden of non-communicable diseases.  

AREF Fellowship:

In Tanzania, therapeutic nutrition practice and research is not well developed, we have nutritionist who are mainly trained in community nutrition but are posted to work in health facilities. Research has shown that nutrition is key in improving patients’ clinical outcomes and quality of life, reduce episodes of illness, healthcare costs as well as prevent diseases. Dr Martin’s fellowship aims to understand the methods, techniques and indicators used in therapeutic nutrition practice, by developing her skills in therapeutic nutrition. 

“Since I work as a researcher and faculty in higher learning and most of my students are nutritionist, nurses and doctors, the gained knowledge will improve my delivery of the courses and in turn improve services given by nutritionists and eventually better prognosis and quality of life.”

Haikael will be placed at the Centre of Excellence for Nutrition-North West University (CEN-NWU) in South Africa, working with nutrition experts at its five well-equipped laboratories with advanced instruments and technologies. CEN-NWU leads exemplary research on the current nutritional problems in South Africa, Africa and Worldwide. Dr Martin’s home institution, NM-AIST is also set to support her endeavour by facilitating an environment that allows her to practice the skills and knowledge gained from the fellowship.