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Dr Evans Mainsah Ngandung (2023)

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Picture of Dr Evans Mainsah Ngandung

Employing institution: University of Buea, Cameroon

Host institution: University College London, United Kingdom 

Project title: Enhancing drug leads for infectious diseases: using open science networks to solve key scientific problems and identify new collaborators.

Dr Evans Mainsah Ngandung is a Cameroonian infectious diseases researcher who obtained his PhD in Chemistry in June 2017. He currently works as Senior Lecturer of Chemistry at the University of Buea in Cameroon. His research is focused on the synthesis of Schiff bases derived from isoniazid, their associated metal complexes and exploring their biological applications against infectious diseases.  Dr Nganding has co-authored 12 scientific articles around these topics. His was inspired by the Bio-Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) BVGH contacts to compete for the AREF Award. He believes that his fellowship award is a “revolution in my research and career, and a key solution to community health problems.” 

AREF Fellowship:

Neglected tropical diseases have continued to be major concerns in public health. So far, Onchocerciasis has no cure, while Malaria and TB treatments have continued to be difficult to cure due to drug resistance. Dr Ngandung’s research will use new techniques to develop and optimize potential leads derived from isoniazid against tropical diseases, Malaria and TB. He will also widen his collaboration and network through the mentorship he will receive. He will develop his laboratory skills and earn new techniques using advanced technology and tools, which will be utilised in his home institution.

Dr Ngandung will be hosted at the prestigious School of Pharmacy at the University College London, under the mentorship of super- scale Scientist, Professor Matthew Todd. Prof. Todd’s Lab is well known for drug discovery.