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Dr David Musoke (2016)

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Host organisation: Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

Project title: Towards measuring the effect on the prevalence of malaria of using several malaria prevention methods in an integrated approach to prevent the disease

Dr Musoke has trained in health sciences and variety of transferable public health skills, including writing policy briefs. He now wants to build on the encouraging results of his PhD work, on community perceptions and utilisation of integrated malaria prevention measures, to develop a randomised controlled trial.

AREF Fellowship research project:

During his placement, Dr Musoke completed a short course at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to enhance his skills in trials epidemiology and statistical design and analysis. He undertook collaborative visits to Public Health England and Public Health Wales and accessed research networks in malaria research and trials methodology. To develop the protocol for his new clinical trial he worked alongside his host sponsor, Professor George Karani at Cardiff Metropolitan University. He said that his AREF Fellowship also enhanced his research capabilities in grant development, manuscript writing and research communication.

AREF support enabled him to develop a project on integrated malaria prevention that has the potential to reduce malaria illness and death, especially among children under 5 years of age, in Uganda and beyond.

“The training and advice I received during my AREF Fellowship will be invaluable in informing the design of that trial.”